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APOS TRENDS AWARDS FOR 2015 - 16 announced.

APOS TRENDS Awards for 2015-16, to be presented at the APOC, 2018 in Boracay have been announced on October 29, 2017 at the AGM of the Asian Pacific Orthodontic Society.

The list of award winners is:

*Fu Minkui APOS Trends award for the best clinical article (2015 -16)
Orthodontic management of a periodontally compromised dentition - Zaveri Prashant Vol 6 No 1.

*Renato Africa APOS Trends award for second best clinical article (2015 -16)
Orthosurgical management of an asymmetric case with class III malocclusion and transversal problem in the maxilla - Juan Carlos Perez Varela, Beatriz Iglesias Sanchez Vol 6 No 3.

*Jyothindra Kumar APOS Trends award for best Original research article (2015 -16)
Evaluating condylar head morphology as it relates to the skeletal vertical facial dimension: A threedimensional semi-automated landmark study Curtis Contro, Arthur J Miller, David Hatcher, Snehlata Oberoi Vol 6 No 5.

*Hendro Kusnoto APOS Trends award for second best Original research article (2015 -16) shared
- Plaque accumulation and Streptococcus mutans levels around self-ligating bracket clips and elastomeric modules: A randomized controlled trial Dhaval Fadia, MeghnaVandekar, Nikhilesh Vaid & Viraj Doshi Vol 5 No 3.
- Root resorption following periodontally accelerated osteogenic orthodontics Donald J Ferguson, Irelia Machado, M T Wilco, W M Wilco Vol 6 No 2.

*Loh Soo Ann APOS Trends award for Best Clinical Pearl /Innovation article
Not awarded this year.

However, a Certificate of Merit in this category is awarded to...
Three-dimensional canine loop for management of buccally erupted caninesPraveen Mehrotra, Jitendra Bhagchandani, Sonahita Agarwal, Anchit Thukral Vol 5 No 5.

Best Reviewer Award: 2015-16
Mark Wertheimer (South Africa)
Jayesh Rahalkar (India)
Laith Makki (UAE)

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