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Esthetics and biomechanics in orthodontics

Santosh Dental College and Hospital, NCR, Uttar Pradesh, India
Oxford Dental College and Hospital, Bengaluru, India
KVG Dental College and Hospital, Suliya, Karnataka, India
People’s College of Dental Sciences and Research Centre, Madhya Pradesh, India
APOS Trends in Orthodontics, India
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How to cite this article: Grewal SB, Chunduri R, John J, Shukla C, Vaid N. Esthetics and biomechanics in orthodontics. APOS Trends Orthod 2014;4:107.

Author: Ravindra Nanda

Publisher: Elsevier

Year: 2014

Pages: 612

ISBN: 978-1-4557-5085-6

Edition: 2nd Ed

Prof Ravi Nanda is one of the most prolific and popular orthodontic authors and editor of our times. His analytical, but simple style of writing with a comprehensive explanation of concepts keeps readers yearning for more. The 1st edition of this textbook is a gold standard in teaching protocols across the globe. The second issue augments and updates information by various new additions.

Estheics and biomechanics undoubtedly are two extremely important aspects of orthodontic mechanotherapy. The fundamentals of successful orthodontic outcomes are clinical applications of biological and biomechanical concepts. It’s imperative thus that a sound understanding of the same is imbibed by aspiring orthodontists and experienced clinicians alike. This book successfully accomplishes this key objective of orthodontic teaching.

Esthetic objectives of treatment are explained, and the biomechanical aspects of appliances to achieve them are discussed in detail with illustrations that make understanding simple. The crème de la crème’ of modern day orthodontics has converged on a platform to discuss nuances of force delivery and application of bio mechanic principles to all appliance systems and their effects on predictable aesthetics objectives and results. The focus areas of the book, encompassing the gold standard of contemporary information and evidence are:

  1. Diagnosis and esthetic concepts

  2. Biomechanics

  3. Management of vertical dimension problems

  4. Management of Class II malocclusion

  5. Management of Class III malocclusion

  6. Esthetics with temporary anchorage devices

  7. Orthognathic surgery

  8. Interdisciplinary management

  9. Finishing

A must read and reference book for every orthodontist with 27 comprehensive chapters, of which 13 are absolutely new!

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