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Special Feature: Vertical incision subperiosteal tunnel access and three-dimensional OBS lever arm to recover a labially-impacted canine: Differential biomechanics to control root resorption
Jia Hong Lin, Chris H. Chang and Roberts W. Eugene
Editorial: The emperor's new clothes!
Nikhilesh R. Vaid
Experts Corner: 10 common mistakes in writing a scientific article
Carlos Flores-Mir
Original Article: A simplified method for measurement of palatal bone thickness to select the optimum length of orthodontic mini-implant
Vivek J. Patni, Swapnagandha R. Kate, Sheetal S. Potnis and Neeraj E. Kolge
Special Feature: An archwire for non~invasive improvement of occlusal cant and soft tissue chin deviation
Eric Jein-Wein Liou, Kunal Mehta and James Cheng-Yi Lin
Case Report: Correction of severe facial asymmetry: A case with fractured condyle
Ramesh Agrawal, Dolly P. Patel and Bhagyashree B. Desai
Original Article: Long-term stability of early anterior open bite treatment by magnetic and spring-loaded bite blocks
Umal H. Doshi, Wasundhara A. Bhad
Original Article: Emergency appointments in orthodontics
Rajesh Gyawali, Prabhat Ranjan Pokharel and Jamal Giri
Original Article: Relationship between age at menarche, body mass index percentile, and skeletal maturity stages in Indian female orthodontic patients
Shahin Sheikh, Salil Nene, Ajit J. Kalia, Rajaganesh Gautam, Ashwith Hegde and Pooja P. Thakur
Original Article: Perception of dental professionals and lay people to altered facial esthetics
Talat Al-Gunaid, Mansour M. Hakeem and Masaki Yamaki