News - APOS TRENDS IN ORTHODONTICS" announces its 1st Bi-annual Awards

Dr Nikhilesh Vaid, President Asian Pacific Orthodontic Society , announcing the APOS Trends awards at the APOS AGM in Taichung, Taiwan on Dec 5th 2015.Also in Pic : Dr Bryce Lee, Secretary General APOS and Dr Tanan Jaruprakorn, Vice President APOS.

"APOS Trends in Orthodontics", the official Journal of the Asian Pacific Orthodontic Society announced its awards at its AGM on the 5th of December 2015. Dr Nikhilesh Vaid, President & Editor in Chief of the APOS, said " The purpose of conceptualising awards for the journal was to encourage excellence amongst the authors submitting their work too the journal, and raise the bar on published literature from the region". The awards are named after past Executive Committee Members of APOS, to honour their contribution to the Society.

A three member team was the jury for the awards.They are Dr Keiji Moriyama,ECM of APOS from the JOS, Dr Tanan Jaruprakorn, Vice President :APOS and Dr Mubassar Fida, ECM of APOS from the PAO.The categories for the awards were Clinical Articles, Original Research Articles and Clinical Innovations/Pearls . The Editorial Board representatives Dr Nikhilesh Vaid, EIC, Dr Eric Liou,Executive Editor,APOS Trends and Dr Ameet Revankar, Assoc Editor APOS Trends nominated Dr Letizia Perillio(Italy)and Dr Gowri Shankar(India) as the Best Reviewers for the years 2013-15.

The award winners for articles published in 2013-14 are :

  • Fu Minkui APOS Trends award for the best clinical article (2013-14)
    Orthodontic camouflage via total arch movement in a class II with idiopathic condylar resorption.
    Ji-Sung Jang et al Vol4 No6.
  • Daniel Huang APOS Trends award for second best clinical article (2013-14)
    Twenty-year post-treatment assessment of class II division 1 malocclusion treated with non-extraction approach. Ashok Karad et al Vol3 No1
  • Jyothindra Kumar APOS Trends award for best Original research article (2013-14)
    Evaluation of apical root resorption in orthodontic patients with maxillary anterior intrusion using utility arches and mini screws: a comparative study.
    Muraleedhara Bhat et al. Vol4 No1
  • Hendro Kusnoto APOS Trends award for second best
    Original research article (2013-14)
    Hyoid bone position and head posture comparison in skeletal Class I and II subjects: A retrospective cephalometric study.
    Pawankumar Dnyandeo Tekale et al. Vol4 No3
  • Loh Soo Ann APOS Trends award for Best Clinical Pearl /Innovation article
    Not awarded this year

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