News - The 72nd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Orthodontic Society

The 72nd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Orthodontic Society was held from October 7th to October 9th, 2013 in Matsumoto city, Nagano prefecture, located in the middle part of Japan. Kazuhiro Yamada, D.D.S., Ph.D (Department of Orthodontics, Matsumoto Dental University) served as the Chairperson General and Toru Kageyama (Department of Orthodontics, Matsumoto Dental University) as the Secretary General.

The main theme of this meeting was titled “The stability of orthodontic treatment including risk management” and lively discussion by participants ensued. 4,037 delegates from within the country and 50 invited guests from all over the world, which exceeded expectations, gathered together in this local city, far from major cities in Japan. This 72nd annual meeting featured a much more active participation by attendees including APOS members than the same meetings in the past.

Jeffrey P Okeson, DMD (The University of Kentucky College of Dentistry) and Sheldon Peck, DDS, MScD (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA) were invited to hold the following Special Lectures: “Maintaining a healthy masticatory system with orthodontics” and “Extractions, retention, and stability: The search for orthodontic truth”. Isao Iijima (Special Advisor to the Cabinet/ Professor Extraordinary, Matsumoto Dental University) also gave a Special Lecture titled ”National risk management and the political situation in Japan”. For the Educational Lecture, “The bone as internal organs supporting a life” by Nobuyuki Udagawa (Professor, Department of Biochemistry, Matsumoto Dental University) also had quite fascinating content.

For the symposium, two programs “The role of the orthodontics in a dental community” and “Clinical application and notice in anchor screw for orthodontic treatment” were held and aggressively discussed by participants. There were several seminars held one after another - Lifelong Educational Seminar, Clinical Seminar “For better and satisfactory treatment outcomes”, two Satellite Seminars “Basic principles and clinical aspects of root resorption - its mechanism of pathogenesis, risk factors and prevention” and “Reconsiderations of effects of functional appliances”, and 12 courses of Round Table Discussion (RTD). Moreover, there were 309 cases of Academic Exhibits presented in Japanese, 18 cases in English, 46 cases of Case Exhibits in Japanese, 14 cases in English, 12 cases of Case Reports in Japanese, and 10 Oral Presentations in Japanese. There were international presentations with 32 cases from abroad, which was more than the same meetings in the past. Another program for citizens also gathered together 70 people from around Matsumoto City.

The congress party was academically productive and memorable. Participants were welcomed by the mascot of Matsumoto city and enjoyed a demonstration of making Japanese buckwheat noodles with food and wine from Matsumoto. The venues, Kissei Bunka Hall and Matsumoto City Gymnasium, are located across the street from each other so the location was very convenient for exploring. In Matsumoto, the hot and humid summer has passed and autumn is approaching with its pleasant and beautiful weather so the participants could enjoy their stay in comfort.

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