News - Success through Synergy - 6-8th September, 2013 PC Bhurban

“Success through Synergy” was a joint ventured conference aimed at achieving excellence in Dentistry through synergy between different specialties. It involved Pakistan Association of Orthodontists (PAO), Pakistan Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (PAOMS), Pakistan Association of Prosthodontics (PPA) and Pakistan Association of Restorative Dentistry (PARD). The unique multidisciplinary unification was held in the foothills of picturesque Himalayas, Pearl continental hotel Bhurban, Murree from 6th September to 8th September 2013.

The venue offered convenience and luxury to over 800 participants including Specialists, residents, general Practioners, house officers, students and family members from across the country.

The Pakistan Association of Orthodontists provided the world’s leading professionals the perfect opportunity to meet, network and exchange their knowledge and ideas with colleagues and peers from across the globe. There were over 16 International speakers and over 40 local speakers. The sessions were covered in 3 different halls of PC Bhurban with sessions running from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM. It was a learning experience aimed towards every walk of Dentistry. There was a talk home message be it a consultant, resident, house officer or student. Many world renowned speakers including Prof. Athansaios E.Athanasiou From Greece, Prof.Khaleeq ur Rehman (UK), Prof.Leo Stassen (Ireland), Dr. Anwar Bamber (UK), Prof. Ramesh Sabhlok (India), Prof.Nejat Erverdi, Prof.Haviye Erverdi, Prof.Sibel Biren, Prof.Ahu Acar, Dr. Acan Acar, Prof.Nazan Kucukkeles from prestigious Marmara University, Turkey gathered at this world class venue to share their knowledge and ideas about the profession of Dentistry. The participants gathered knowledge, wisdom and expertise from these world class speakers. Major bulk of the scientific sessions was covered by local consultants as well.

The scope of the conference can be well appreciated by the fact that 9 Hands on Workshops, Courses, Certifications and Limited attendance clinics were managed and arranged in the pre and post times of the conference. These domains involved more or less all the institutes of the twin cities namely Armed Forces Institute of Dentistry (AFID), Islamic International Dental College (IIDC), Pakistan Institute of Medical Science (PIMS). These continuing education opportunities were organized for translating precise strategies and foundations concentrating on how the dental profession would evolve in a few decades.

The trade exhibitors participated and partnered with Success through Synergy in an overwhelming manner. Glow pak, Chughtai, Dentiserve, Pfizer, SG&J, Getz, Clear Path Orthodontics, Western, Platinum, Tri-Angelz, MDS, Moin International and Free line were the contributors towards this great achievement. HEC, Riphah RIHS and IM&DC also stood by this conference and cause. Special student platform was provided to young dental students from all over Pakistan to participate in competitive activities like poster, declamation and dental photography competition.

The Dental community cannot be taken away from fun and all possible resources were gathered for activities of participants and their families. Hiking trips in the Himalayas, games for children (treasure hunt and tug of war) and local excursions were all part of the mega faceted Conference. The Gala event was a huge success with traditional and folk display of music, a comedy show and musical program. In short “Success through Synergy “was a very kaleidoscopic event that was an ideal aggregate / amalgamation of education, team work, professionalism / professional cooperation and entertainment. Truly celebrating advanced and modern face of dental health care and education in upcoming years.

Athanasious Course of Facial Asymmetries

Advanced Implantology workshop

Families enjoying treasure hunt and tug of War at PC Bhurban

Orthodontic session Gala Night

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