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6 (
); 235-237

APOCs - The Jewel in the APOS Crown!

President and Editor-in-Chief, Asian Pacific, Orthodontic Society, India
Private Practice, Only Orthodontics, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Address for Correspondence: Prof. Nikhilesh R. Vaid, Ground Floor, New Blue Gardenia Housing Society, Peddar Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. E-mail:
This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike 3.0 License, which allows others to remix, tweak, and build upon the work non-commercially, as long as the author is credited and the new creations are licensed under the identical terms.
This article was originally published by Wolters Kluwer and was migrated to Scientific Scholar after the change of Publisher; therefore Scientific Scholar has no control over the quality or content of this article.

How to cite this article: Vaid NR. APOCs - The Jewel in the APOS Crown!. APOS Trends Orthod 2016;6:235-7.

An academic conference or symposium is a forum for researchers to present and discuss their work. Together with scientific journals, conferences provide an important channel for exchange of information between researchers. The “Asian Pacific Orthodontic Conferences - APOCs” along with the “APOS Trends in Orthodontics” have been the most important activities of the Asian Pacific Orthodontic Society (APOS).

From September 1st to 3rd, 2016, the APOS, its affiliated organizations, its fellows and orthodontists from across the world congregated in Bali to attend and celebrate Asia’s greatest orthodontic extravaganza. The 10th APOC hosted by the Indonesian Association of Orthodontists was a memorable congress. In addition to being a remarkably organized event, it was also an important milestone for the organization. The three numbers that were significant for the organization in 2016 and at this event were 5, 10, and 15. These numbers made this APOC and the year 2016 for APOS special!

5-2016 is the 5th year anniversary since APOS registered as an organization with the ROS Singapore and started to exist as a bonafide society. It is also the 5th year anniversary of the “APOS Trends” - The journal of the APOS.

10-2016 was the year of the 10th APOC… The journey that began in 1991 in Osaka moved to Seoul in 1995, Taipei in 1998, Singapore in 2002, Beijing in 2005, Bangkok in 2008, Sydney in 2010, New Delhi in 2012, Kuching in 2014, and finally reached Bali in 2016… which is the most preferred leisure destination in the Asia-Pacific region for the 10th APOC [Figures 1 and 2].

Figure 1: The Asian Pacific Orthodontic Conferences so far
Figure 2: The inauguration of the 10th Asian Pacific Orthodontic Conferences. In picture, Dr. Nikhilesh Vaid, President APOS (2014–2016), Dr. Krisnawati Tarman, President IAO, and Dr. Allan Thom, President WFO (2015–2020)

15-2016 is the 15th year since the former leaders of APOS in October 10, 2001, formally founded the APOS. It was heartening to have the founder president of APOS, Prof. Gakuji Ito to be a part of this “5, 10, and 15” celebration in Bali [Figure 3].

Figure 3: Past presidents of Asian Pacific Orthodontic Society along with the Chairperson of the 10th Asian Pacific Orthodontic Conferences cutting the 5, 10, and 15th celebration cake at the president’s reception in Bali. From left-right, Dr. Loh Kai Woh, Dr. Krisnawati, Dr. Nikhilesh R. Vaid, Dr. Somchai Satravaha, Dr. Gakuji Ito, and Dr. Kazuo Tanne

The APOC is a young organization that is growing slowly, but surely by the contributions, it is making towards its constituent societies, fellows as well as global orthodontic organizations it is a part of!

The many firsts at this congress were:

  1. The APOC Oration - Prof. Mithran Goonawardene delivered the 1st APOC oration on “Acceleration Modalities.” This lecture will feature as an expert’s corner in future issues of the journal

  2. The APOS President’s Breakfast - The IAO was benevolent to host this first-ever breakfast meeting of APOS presidents, which was an informal forum for fraternal interactions and discussing future activities of the APOS. The WFO president also spoke to the presidents about the WFO and its activities. The AAO, the 11th APOC-Boracay, and the 9th IOC-Yokohama also promoted their activities and events

  3. The APOS Board’s Forum - The first-ever board’s forum saw presentations by various orthodontic boards in the region. The concept was to formulate a white paper on criteria for board certification by various boards and a SWOT analysis on the possibility of a regional board. The proceedings of this forum will also be published in the journal soon

  4. The APOS Foundation - This foundation was formally approved at this congress. This will be a charitable arm of the APOS, and aim to foster research and education in the region. Dr. Prashant Zaveri from the NZAO will be the first chairperson of this foundation

  5. Honorary Fellows of the APOS - Dr. Gakuji Ito, Dr. Hideo Mitani, Dr. Somchai Satravaha, and Dr. Crissie Santayana were conferred the honorary fellowship of the APOS

  6. APOS Trends Awards - Awards for excellence by the APOS journal (announced previously) for the best articles published in 2013–2014 and for the best reviewers were presented. The best articles were presented as oral presentations by the authors at the congress.

On a personal front, it is been a humbling experience leading this vibrant organization over the past 2 years. I would like to thank each and every one of you for this opportunity. To serve as president of APOS is a colossal undertaking, one that cannot be truly conveyed in images or words. A thousand images jostle together in my mind, a thousand recollections, and a thousand emotions. Together, they form a great mosaic; together they show the bright and glorious work done by all APOS affiliated associations and fellows.

From a little more than an overweight boy who attended his first APOC in Bangkok in 2008 to being the president of this august organization, I have had a long journey. As the APOS office term draws to a close, I want to take time to thank the countless friends that I have made across the Asia-Pacific region, which is the greatest wealth I have acquired in my life. Most of these friends are my extended family today. A family that is very very special to me, and will be cherished always! [Figure 4].

Figure 4: The Asian Pacific Orthodontic Society Office Bearers (2016–2018); from left-right, Dr. Yanheng Zhou (Vice President - Asian Pacific Orthodontic Society), Dr. Nikhilesh Vaid (Immediate Past President Asian Pacific Orthodontic Society and Editor-in-Chief Asian Pacific Orthodontic Society Trends), Dr. Bryce Lee (President - Asian Pacific Orthodontic Society), Dr. Zakir Hossain (Treasurer - Asian Pacific Orthodontic Society), and Dr. Roberto Tan (Secretary General - Asian Pacific Orthodontic Society)

The new APOS administration led by Dr. Bryce Lee (he has served this organization for the past 4 years as its Secretary General) who is undoubtedly the most experienced president APOS has ever had, is raring to go with some great plans for the organization.

I wish Dr. Lee, Dr. Yan Heng Zhou (Vice President), Dr. Roberto Tan (Secretary General), Dr. Zakir Hossain (Treasurer), and Dr. Xiao Yanshen (Assistant Treasurer and Editor - APOS News) all the very best for their tenure. As we wait with bated breath to meet in Boracay, Philippines (2018), for the 11th APOC and in Yokohama, Japan (2020) for the 12th APOC, APOS as an organization will continue to touch lives in more ways than one… As the best in life, or any organization, is always “yet to be!”

Nikhilesh R. Vaid1,2

1President and Editor-in-Chief, Asian Pacific, Orthodontic Society, 2Private Practice, Only Orthodontics, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Address for Correspondence: Prof. Nikhilesh R. Vaid, Ground Floor, New Blue Gardenia Housing Society, Peddar Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. E-mail:

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