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APOS History

The Asian Pacific Orthodontic Society (APOS) was inaugurated on October 10, 2001, in Tokyo, Japan by its nine founding members (alphabetically listed):

  • APO (Association of Philippine Orthodontists)
  • AOS (Association of Orthodontists, Singapore)
  • COS (Chinese Orthodontic Society)
  • HKSO (Hong Kong Society of Orthodontists)
  • IAO (Indonesian Association of Orthodontists, formerly Indonesian Orthodontic Society)
  • IOS (Indian Orthodontic Society)
  • JOS (Japanese Orthodontic Society)
  • KAO (Korean Association of Orthodontists)
  • ThaAO (Thai Association of Orthodontists)

Today the APOS has grown to 20 Affiliate members with the addition of the following:

  • ASO (Australian Society of Orthodontists)
  • BOS (Bangladesh Orthodontic Society)
  • IrAO (Iranian Association of Orthodontists)
  • MAO (Malaysian Association of Orthodontists)
  • MacAO (Macao Association of Orthodontists)
  • MoAO (Mongolian Association of Orthodontists)
  • PAO (Pakistan Association of Orthodontists)
  • NZAO ( New Zealand Association of Orthodontists)
  • ODOAN (Orthodontic &DentofacialOrthopaedic Association of Nepal
  • TAO (Taiwan Association of Orthodontists )
  • SLOS (Sri Lankan Orthodontic Society).

The purpose for which the APOS has been formed is to assist Affiliated Societies/Associations to promote excellence in orthodontics through education and research in the Asian Pacific region. Moreover, the activities of the APOS are to disseminate scientific and artistic information relating to orthodontics particularly through its biennial congress, the Asian Pacific Orthodontic Congress (APOC) and the Journal of the Society(APOS Trends in Orthodontics).

Past APOS Presidents would include:

  • Dr. Nikhilesh Vaid
  • Prof. Gakuji Ito
  • Prof. Hideo Mitani
  • Dr. Jae Chan Kim
  • Dr. Somchai Satravaha
  • Dr. Loh Kai Woh
  • Dr. Kazuo Tanne
  • Dr. Bryce Lee

and past Secretary Generals were:

  • Dr. Jae Chan Kim
  • Dr. Ian Watson
  • Dr. Crissie Camara Santayana
  • Dr. Tanan Jaruprakon

The current APOS President is Dr. Yanheng Zhou and the Secretary-General is Dr. Roberto Tan.